AYA-HEARTS is a charitable organization registered and operating in Nairobi, Kenya.

Opening Minds, Changing Lives

AYA-HEARTS works towards liberating minds and empowering individuals towards economic freedom and self-sustainability. Changing the lives of the people is the least humane thing we can do as a society. We can never be truly happy if our neighbors sleep hungry, are sick, uneducated and lack the basic needs for survival. For this reason, the AYA-HEARTS community has taken up the initiative of identifying the needy (orphans, widows, street children, destitute families e.t.c) and working on solutions to their struggles. We seek to achieve this through:-

  • Skills and vocational training
  • Medical camps
  • Youth empowerment initiatives
  • Offering food, shelter and education
  • Offering financial assistance
  • Outreach programs

Sometimes in life, we try to do our very best to help others, and in the process, it brings some anguish to us. But we can't ever let that stop us. We can't ever be stopped from helping others and allowing them to have some sense of happiness and joy in their life.

~ Jon Huntsman, Snr

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